Monday, February 13, 2006


-Remorseful awareness of having done something wrong!
In my case it can be re-framed as "Remorseful awareness of NOT having done ANYTHING AT ALL(Be it right or wrong)"
5 days..FIVE DAYS!...You would think five days would be enough time for me to finish up all the back log that i have created in college, study a bit, play a bit of badminton, and attend the college culturals(The reason why we had the 5days off).And as you might have realised by now, things didnt go according to plan....or maybe things just didnt go. "PERIOD"

->Clearance of backlog- This didnt go as planned..but in my defense, i did open my observation atleast 5 times in as many days before putting it off to the next day and finally putting it off for the day of the lab.Trust me..there will be someone or the other who would have done it then.I can copy it from him, why should i take initiative and do it on my own.

->Studied a BIT- Strong emphasis on BIT.BIT covers a broad spectrum.
Repeated opening of the first page of my textbooks.( I Now know the cost and Edition details of almost all my subject textbooks)
Numerous calls to friends asking them the various syllabii for the forthcoming exam.
Elaborate plans precisely drawn out with stringent deadlines.
All i needed to do now was the "Execution".

->Played Badminton- Does playing badminton for one hour and 15minutes in 5 days count as Playing!

->College Culturals!-My initial plan was to attend the last day alone and just as i got ready to leave,Mahendar Singh Dhoni caught me by my collar and and dragged me to the couch! You would think they will definitely mess up the game or atleast get an insurmountable lead on the one day, i choose to abaondon the indian cricket team.But NOOOOO!..they will choose that very day to ensure that they follow the run rate as closely as possible, with neither a soild boost in the run-rate..nor a defining slump!And just when i give up hope of making it to the culturals and sit down comfortably it dramitically shifts from "Run-A-Ball" requirement to us having 30 balls and only 14 runs to get!Which he gets in the next 5balls

BAH!~* The COSMOS conspires against me!

If someone turned up at the door and offered to kill me now, I might gladly accept it. WAIT!
I said MIGHT...i dont want any crazed freaks at my door step with a knife.


R$y said...

ha ha u suck @blogging man

Gowri Shankar said...

lol...arjun...sad alternate id...wat the hell is r$y supposed to mean?

and u dont really have to state the obvious! :P :)

Paurna said...

gowri u r gr8 at blogging.keep it goin

kaushik said...

hmmm...all of us tend to push work to the last place don't we.....ur blog is exactly the way i have been spending this week. 4 days to get lottsa work done so that i can enjoy weekend at home, but look wht i am doing....
seems like another weekend to be spent in the hostel now:-(