Thursday, June 01, 2006

Moved & Shaken

I have just shifted my house from K.K.Nagar to Ashok Nagar.For those of you who actually know the distance between these two places, will probably ridicule me for shifting in the first place but ever since my bro and mom planned to come down to chennai, I knew we had to shift.The old house is kinda small for all of us and for the lucky few who had the luxury of actually visiting my house may throw some light on my rather SPACIOUS bathroom and W.C. . Incase it hasn't penentrated your forever serious mind, the previous sentence was dripping with sarcasm.
Anyways,Getting to the purpose of this post.Cant blog for a while, primarily for 2 reasons

1)I have just shifted into my new house and my dad, very wisely, did not allow my computer to remain in my room.It is now placed in the master bedroom where he can actually verify if I am really doing that assignment which never seems to get completed at any point in my college life.

2)THERE IS NO NET CONNECTION.Inspite of repeatedly calling both Airtel and Sify guys for about 4days now, both seem reluctant to actually come and give me a connection. I am now trying convince them that it is actually them who make the cash if they give me a net connection.I also plan to lay 10 Rupee notes in a line from the Airtel Showroom till my house, hopefully one of thier agents will pick the cash and follow me home.