Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Blog Back on track

My blog was recently banned by the government of India for the anti-Indian comments made in one of my posts about the Veshti (a.k.a Dhothi) and after a really long and brave struggle ,It got released recently. OK! OK! For those of you just can’t differentiate between a statement dripping sarcasm and a normal one, here is what happened.
Mumbai Blasts-->Indian Government asked ISPs to block certain blogs with anti-Indian sentiments-->ISPs are uber smart (not to mention lazy) and instead of blocking the sites alone, blocked the whole domain i.e. www.blogspot.com.
I first heard of this through the paper and saw it on CNN-IBN.com, almost felt like I am part of a freedom struggle when I saw my fellow bloggers up in arms, this new-found enthusiasm lasted until I was asked by a fellow blogger to go and register on an anti-government site with all my personal details. HAH! There is "Fighting for a cause" and there is being plain gullible (not to mention Common-senseless).Anyways, When I tried logging in today, I was able to log in, I just HAD to make a post.

OK! So, what have I been up to between my last post and now(I can almost see you people with excited anticipation on your faces-Don’t worry you wont be let down) The highlights of my life!

1) Got placed in Infosys, Those 2days of placement went by in a haze. They were manually calling out names of candidates selected and I was dreading this part of the whole process. Luckily, I didn’t have to face the agony of being one of the last few to be called out, probably the most nerve wrecking feeling outside the auditorium and a sense of immense relief inside. Such a drastic jump in emotion, something different. "Good different".

2)Started driving my new "Vandi" (Maruti Suzuki Swift) in and around Ashok Nagar and K.K.Nagar and almost any traffic congestion in these areas can be attributed to me.

3)College started-The timetable rocks. Almost all days of the week, the afternoons are free and one of the few days with lab in the afternoon the professor asks us not to come. How cool is that?

4)Israel bombs Lebanon. Can do nothing but burn and fume inside reading the atrocities committed by the Israeli army in the pretext of taking out the hezbollah. Even though we can sympathize with Israelis for the attacks by hezbollah and guerrilla tactics followed by them, there can be no excuse for this kind of reaction against a civilian population. They are just venting out their anger on the wrong person.

5)Other current affairs that evoke some sort of emotion in me! Natwar singh's brilliant answers to the oil for food scam .
Jaswant singh's blatant publicity for his book by the whole "Mole" hungama. I am making it a point not to buy the book just because of this whole episode(Not that I would have rushed to the book store had this episode not taken place, but atleast I am very consciously not buying it now or I may go to the extent of buying a pirated version, I said “MAY”, I don’t want any lawsuits flying in at me)

6)Saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest-First Day -First Show! Yay! Can you believe there weren’t that many jobless people in Chennai on a Friday morning at 11:30.WEIRD!!!Johnny Depp rocking as usual. BUT none of us knew that it was part of a trilogy so you can take a wild guess as to how pissed we were when the movie ended. We just sat there looking at the credits roll by hoping for them to play the next movie after the credits.

7)CAT-BELL THE CAT!-CHASE THE CAT-LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG-CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT! Don’t ask me if they make sense but I have seen every corny phrase or proverb with the word CAT used in reference to the Common Admission Test and it is starting to bug me a little bit. I don’t know why but wherever I go , I see ominous signs of the CAT.
-First of all, IMS (My CAT training centre) chooses to send me flyers and planners on almost a daily basis now.
-And then my classmates Paurna and Gautham seem to be living the CAT. Always discussing something or the other relating to CAT. Even though I feign interest towards the CAT when I am near them. I am sure they have called my bluff by now.
-I go to youtube.com to watch some clips and IMS chooses to advertise on this site as well.(Are they tailing me or something?)
-Not to mention all the stray cats around the place.(This is where you start laughing uncontrollably and your welcome)

8)The first set of assessments got over today and I think i can safely say I lost all fear or exams or atleast the internals. Almost every single paper was treated with the most minimal preparation possible. WHAT HAS THIS COLLEGE DONE TO ME?!?

That’s about it in my very exciting life so far. I know this hardly counts as a blog post but at least it’s better than nothing. OR IS IT?!? Don’t answer that!


Anonymous said...

"Saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest-First Day -First Show! Yay! "

Lucky you! I could manage only first day third show. But I went again. Yay! The ending was brilliant if you ask me. Can't wait for Pirates - 3.

"We just sat there looking at the credits roll by hoping for them to play the next movie after the credits."

But you *did* see what happens at the end of the credits, right? (in both Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest, i.e.) I stayed till the end of credits too. Was the last person to leave the theatre!

Gowri Shankar said...

err...no..i dint see wat happens at the end of the credits :(
went for the movie again today.
both the times i was coaxed to move out by people next to me :(

Anonymous said...

//both the times i was coaxed to move out by people next to me //

ofcourse, you are too big to circumvent!!!

Gowri Shankar said...

thats got to be arjun!

Anonymous said...

Don't keep saying you're being sarcastic.We get it.And I'm in the same boat as you with regard to both CAT and The assessments.Ahat indeed has this college done to us.(ok its not all their part.A tiny miniscule can be attributed to us. But its microscopics as we're almost perfect...RIGHT??


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