Monday, April 10, 2006

I Still Remember

This piece is strongly inspired by a post(Titled Down Memory Lane) on my cousin suze's blog

15 Years Ago-Hyderabad
Amma* leaves me at my first class (LKG), she stood at the entrance, I barely looked away for a minute and looked back and she was gone. Almost cried but didn’t and then i did start crying when she came back in the afternoon to pick me up.
I still remember the way I cried all the way home.

14Years Ago-Madras
Hit on my nose by an opening door, for some reason that image still clear in my head.
I still remember the face of the boy who did it and ran away.

13Years Ago-Muscat
I was picked to recite a poem in front of the whole school and some special guests. Did it without knowing what it was to have stage frightNow mega jitters even for class presentations. Wonder what went wrong where!
I still remember my ma’am telling me to stand straight and not slant when i recite.

9 Years ago-Muscat
Made it into the school quiz team. I was so proud. Pretty big audience. Answered one question into the mic. , The question was “If you were on a Gondola where would u be? “Answer>Italy, Venice, on a boat, probably on a romantic trip.We came in 4th out of 6.
I still remember the consolation prize that I got, a book by "The Bronte Sisters", Still haven’t gotten around to reading it.

8 Years Ago-Muscat
I hit my first "FOUR" in my first inter-school cricket match. The next ball was also a four but by an overthrow and then got bowled within the next 2 balls.
I still remember my captain patting me on my back as I walked back into the pavilion. After all now I had a strike rate of 200.00 .

6 Years Ago-Muscat
Appa** shouted at me for my grades. It was the first time he made me go to my room without dinner and asked me to finish the syllabus before sleeping at night.I still remember Amma coming in after 15mins with 3 dosas****.
I still remember the kiss that dad gave me on my forehead at 11 in the night when he came in, to see me still studying

5 Years Ago-Muscat
Lost a special friend of mine, the heartache was too much to bear.
I still remember the gut-wrenching feeling in my stomach as soon as i kept the phone down.

4 Years Ago-Chennai
Thatha*** passes away, the first time I am seeing the corpse of a living person.
I still remember the last time I saw him. He came to the airport to send me off. He came at 4am even though my flight was at 6am because there was a possibility that railway gate may block him from getting there on time.Even when I asked him why did he take so much pains, all he said was "How could he miss my grandson leaving the country?" That was the last time I saw him. I am so, so grateful that he made that trip.

3 Years Ago-Muscat
T'was the night before my final Chemistry exam. Got up at 2AM to answer nature's call, was revising some formulae on the way to the toilet and voila, I was as alert as ever. Didn’t get any sleep after that. Muffed up my exam pretty bad
I still remember dozing off in the exam for about 10seconds.The shock with which I got up sustained me for the rest of the exam.

3 Years Ago-Muscat
8AM:My 12th standard CBSE results were out.Got an overall aggregate of 74.8 and a PCM aggregate of 83 and thought the REC Trichy criteria for NRI’s was 75% PCM.Even though it wasn’t a spectacular performance, I was at least calm that I will get into REC Trichy.7:30PM: Re-read the fine print and found out that the criteria was for overall subjects and I missed the criteria by 0.2%.2 marks in any subject would have ensured I got into REC Trichy.2 marks in my Chemistry Practical (Got 27 out of 30-Lowest in class).2marks in English, in which I got 54(Totally unexpected as I was expecting at least 80-Submitted it for re-evaluation and they still haven’t sent me the result)That was the only reason i made it into Anna University and am where I am today. In retrospect, I am so much happier that I got into Anna University rather than REC Trichy.
I still remember the call from REC Trichy after I joined Anna university. They asked “Are you going to come for the counseling or not, seats are still availible.” Took me 5minutes to think and come up with an answer. “NO!”

1Year Ago-Chennai
Walked into Electrical Lab exam neither knowing how to do each experiment, nor where each experiment was. Managed to connect the circuit for the experiment I had got. Called my professor to check it up.He switches on the circuit, doesn’t work. He suddenly goes to help someone else and comes back, completely forgets that circuit is still switched on and starts fiddling with the circuit and gets a “mini” shock.
I still remember the way he shouted at me when he got the shock, "Enna pa,Arivuh illaya??? Rheostate thottu irundhena , enna aairukum?" Loosely translated that is "Don’t you have any brains, What would have happened to me had i touched the rheostat directly?"That’s when I couldn’t control myself anymore and started laughing. The rest is a dizzy blur.

Life is so unpredictable. I cant even begin to guess where i will be in another 5 years.Where ever it may be. I will always still remember such memories that make traveling through this journey of life worthwhile.

****South Indian Delicacy :P ;)


Sona said...

you write very well..really enjoyed reading your blog..have been doing nothing else for the past hour or so...

Gowri Shankar said...

Didnt even know my blog had enough material to keep you occupied for an hour.

Hmm...could the above post be a spam post?? ;)

Paurna said...
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Paurna said...

brilliant post dude.made me extremely a bit emotional when i read bout ur grand father as it reminded me of my grandpa

dude u are improving by the day.please blog more regualarly and u cud end up being a celebrity

Gowri Shankar said...

thanx paurna
will probably and hopefuly do a lot more during the hols.very jobless at home.

Sheks said...

good post.trip-up memory lane(as opposed to down memory lane).this has inspired me to write my next post in a similar way.expect one soon!

foggy said...

nice one dude.... u rock!!!

The Optimist said...

hey i didnt know suze was your cousin!!
Thats news to me!
Keep blogging!
Great job!

Anonymous said...

/swt such a long 1 /swt

though its a good 1

PS: roady here :P

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Anonymous said...

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karthika said...

Hey ts gowrishankar..

that was one really, really ,really nice nostalgic post.. reminds me of my muscat days.. i was directed to ur blog by thamizhvaanan uncle. :)

Life in muscat is really memorable. The comfort and relaxed life there is really addictive. It's only when you come of muscat you feel like, "oh the world is so much so bigger" and it takes time for your to understand the other practicalities of life. To me, even now, I can have the wildest of the weirdest imaginations. If someone tells me, " i know so-and-so and he/she lives in muscat" . I'll tell "i may know or may have seen him/her or i will run into him/her someday for sure." . You can't say the same in another place say Chennai or B'lore unless you want to be the laughing stock of the town. In a small place like muscat, you can get anything you want, somehow meet anyone you wish and everything seems so reachable and possible. Nevertheless,it's that small city background that makes you believe , "nothing is impossible" .Now now, that was totally irrelevant. Ha ha.

I get it this was your "down the memory lane". But post something that substantiates more on how it is to live in that totally tranquil and friendly place like muscat.:)

Keep them coming.