Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Hey all....Iam still quite confused about blogs and the whole concept of it.This will probably be one of the more boring blogs compared to the tons out there.Let me first get the hang of how to manoevre in this site and then i can bore all of you with my thoughts.For now enjoy some of these questions.

Who Am I?
My name is Gowri Shankar.Currently doing B.E. Mechanical ,just started my 3rd year at College of Engineering,Guindy-Anna University.Did my schooling in Muscat,Oman.My parents and brother(younger doing his 10th Std.) are still in Muscat.

Q)Hmm...Why Mechanical??
Uhm...Coz I dont like medical and anything related to circuits tend to make me want to puke,thereby ruling out Electrical,Electronic.
Seriously....Am plannin to do my MBA and thought that maybe doing Mechanical will give me an all round exposure to engineering and get me better placements.

Q>Sounds like you really know what you become in life.
Yeah! I always sound "wisdomess" when i talk but only my true friends who hang around me know me for what i really am.

Q>Which is?
Lazy!!(All my friends will vouch for it)Thats why i sit on my comp all day and thats why i am startin this blog....Always putting of things for the last minute.But will work my ass off when it is the last minute and loads to be done.Thats how i have managed to scrape through my last 2 semesters.

Q>One good thing about yourself?
My sense of Humour...but this aspect in me only comes out when i have reached a certain comfort level with the person. Till then you have to make do with the awkward and kinda shy "ME".

Q>Why did you name this Blog "The Big Bad Blog"?
It sounds good.Kinda rhymes.I have a habit to do such things spontaneously..even though i may probably regret them later.

I will add more questions as i get the hang of the blog.

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